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  Riverside Cemetery, Washburn,ME, "Old" Holy Rosary, Caribou, ME 


     Riverside Cemetery  is the older of two cemeteries in Washburn, Me.,  Riverside (old) and Riverside Ext,(new).  I record old cemeteries, the choice was not hard.   All new cemeteries have maps and records, no records interests me.  Walked the cemetery, taking pictures, and recording the location of the stones. This always takes many trips to the cemetery, because their is always a section that never looks the same twice. 
       When doing history, found a lot of the families or some form of the family is online in Ancestry.   I used what I found, but remember it may not be correct just because its online, always recheck the facts.  In one case, a person being born late 1800's, found nothing on them or their parents or spouse, looked for marriage records, and found all information needed, both parties, and parents of both parties, so its a two-way find.  The book includes stones, history of persons and some obituaries and two indexes.  Book 
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  Riverside Cemetery, Washburn, Me

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Holy Rosary Cemetery, Caribou, ME

Have completed the "Old" Holy Rosary Cemetery, the cemetery that is located between Lower Lyndon St and Lower Washington Street next to Route 1, Access Highway in Caribou, Me.
   Book contains all the existing stones, with maps of their location making it easier to locate where the stones are in the plots I have created for them.  Since no original maps exist I may not have families all in a plot but went by location of stones.  Duplicate stones mostly the flat ones, Mother and Father are omitted, but are mentioned.  The book includes an index with over 1800 names. Price of the book is $75 plus S/H may be ordered by using Pay Pal or contacting me through website or email address.

 Holy Rosary Cemetery

                                      Newly Completed 

Vital Records recorded in Annual Town Report books, transcribed from 1910 to 1930, includes Births, Marriages and Deaths for Caribou, Me.   Index contains over 11, 600 persons.

      Births, Marriages and Deaths with Index.     The book was transcribed from the Annual Town Reports which were printed every year by some towns, they contained all town records and what happened in said town.  I found twenty years for Caribou, Me, what I transcribed are the records taken by the Town Clerks, of the Births, Marriages and Deaths and the records turned into to Caribou from town persons, which took place in other towns.   When births occurred the mothers name appeared as born to Mrs John Smith, a daughter of son, so the child's name is not included, but the date is helpful.    Marriages included both parties with date and place of wedding.  Deaths sometimes included the age in years, months and days for some persons and where they died if not in Caribou.
The book is 420 pages with 88 pages of index  and may be ordered
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Connor, Me, Vital Records transcribed from old Town Reports for years 1921 to 1944.

Transcribed are Birth, Marriage, and Death records from the Annual Town report books, which were printed for the town of Connor, Me  for these fiscal years.

     This book contains the vital records, with dates of occurrence and place where it took place.  The births were listed as: Mrs John Smith, a daughter or son, no name was given, the death usually included the age at time of death and where it happened.  The marriages included both names and where the wedding took place, all included the date given to the Town Clerk at the time of occurance.
The price of the book is $30 plus S/H.

  Connor, Me  - Annual Town Reports 
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