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The Families of Upper Saint John Valley in 1790 
Aroostook County Towns that Sent Men to the Civil War

These are two great books, the first created by the Aroostook County Genealogy Society and the second created for their display at the Northern County Fair for year 2015.

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              The Families of Saint John Valley in 1790
     The book was compiled and edited by Brenda Jackson Bourgoine, Ann M. Cushman, Dennis J. Prue and Allen J. Voisine, a terrific project book for four members of ACGS. (Aroostook County Genealogical Society)  The book contains 240 pages of with 68 chapters, one for each of the original settlers of the Valley.  The 1790 United States Census did not include these families or this region.  The book took 5 years of research, they were able to fine and identify 68 existing families in the Madawaska region, which the Bristish had moved out of Nova Scotia in LeGrand Derangement of 1755.  They traces each family for three generations and provided a path to prior generations going back to Arcadia, Quebec and beyond.  You will see such names as Cormier, Hebert, Cyr, Daigle, Theriault and Thibodeau.  Also French Canadian names, representing some families, who came from Quebec, such as Saucier, Roy, Gagne, Albert, Levasseur and Bourgoin, even though Quebec born settlers came to the valley in the 1800's.
     Each chapter includes head of household, his spouse or spouses, parents of each, their children and their spouses.  Also the head of household's occupation, application of crown land grants, and acreage they received.  All the sources have been included with a full name index making finding persons easy.  You just have to remember this book is the 1790 time-frame, you may have a connection to these families, but you may not know how your line is connected, but believe me if you contact the ACGS, any of the four researchers can help you make the connection if it is there.
The books cover is shown above.

    The price of the book in US funds is $34, plus $8.00 s/h or shipped to Canada -US funds $34, plus $23.95 s/h.  You may purchase a book through this web site with Pay-Pal or contact ACGS through their website:
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          Aroostook County Towns that sent Men to the Civil War
     This book is a project for the 2015 Northern Maine Fair booth that the ACGS works and creates a theme for every year.  I started the project, figuring about 3 or 4 hundred men went, after all how many men could there be in 1861 in northern Maine that would even hear about the war, let alone want to volunteer for going.  The numbers turned out to be quite a lot more, the list got up to 2280 before I started to weed through the typed files.  We were using Ancestry, the Civil War sites online and the Whitneck books in the library to get each town's lists.  Each enlistee's military enlistment record was typed, then found men were signed in two or more
different towns, when the index was created, so after deciding where they belonged, and taking out the duplicate information, the list started to go down.  We ended with 67 towns, and then added Patten, Penobscot County men,(because it was close to Aroostook's border) only those that enlisted from Aroostook County towns, and also 94 men enlisted from New Brunswick.  After weeding out men that didn't have a connection to Aroostook County we had our final list. The list was 2173 men enlisted, including 74 Canadians, signed up in Aroostook County towns, with only 1564 originally from the towns.  
     From the towns lists, members took what towns they wanted to research, and looked up town enlistees to see where they were in 1850 or 1860 before the war, then again in 1870 or 1880 after the war, to verify if they came back. We also used pension records, the 1890 Veterans Schedules and even later census records, trying to see where they ended up living.  Also if we could find where they died and are buried.  Some information we found and other men seemed to have dropped out of sight after the war, which in part may have been why so many men listed as unaccounted for after the war.  I put together what was found and even found some pictures and grave stones online, which will be in our display for the fair.  The book is 564 pages with the index.
We will be selling this book after the fair through our ACGS website or here if you'd like to use Pay Pal for your
purchase. org is our website address.

The price of book is $53 including tax and $13.45 Priority box shipping, or $8 by shipping in a padded envelope.

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A small book of pictures collected while doing research on the Civil War book has been downloaded into a book, contains pictures of the some men that went, samples of some Civil War papers and a lot of Civil War Stones, some very well preserved and others not so much.  May be purchased as bundle, with the Civil War book for  $68 plus s/h

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