Cemetery Books


Cemetery Books

This site was set-up to help people doing genealogy research in "the County ".    I have researched and documented 32 cemeteries in the area.  I always work on cemeteries that I can find no information on.  To contact me for any purchase  use my email address:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com.  

   Any questions on the books or the site contact me using Contact Me below.

   All the cemetery books include pictures of the cemeteries stones, and  most include a  history of the occupants, some even include obituaries.  All  books have plot maps and a full index for easy stone location.  Each cemetery book has been copy-righted and a copy stays in  the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

   The title bar at top contains town names, all cemeteries for each town are listed on their dedicated town  page.  The More arrow contains other towns, a page for ACGS (Aroostook County Genealogical Society) books, census and newspaper books and misc books.

Two Types of Obituary Books

Aroostook Reupublicn - ACGS was given a collection of  30 years of these papers  "The Aroostook Republican", "The Presque Isle Star Herald", "The Fort Fairfield Review" and "The St. John Valley Herald".  All obituaries were taken out and notebooks were created containing these obituaries and are stored in the Caribou Library's dedicated ACGS room.   I have scanned the original notebooks to give a larger number of  people who might not be able to do their research in Caribou, ME,  the option of browsing them at home.  

  Fort Fairfield Review - The newest collection is being created from earlier "Fort Fairfield Reviews".  These books contain, births, marriages, deaths, articles of interest and obituaries  for years 1902 to 1929.  These images were created in 2006 with a digital Camera from original papers and dropped to disc's to be typed but upon finding  the original disc I took the images and formed them into books which show the original paper clipping much better, so the original typed have been transformed except year 1902 . This was  left typed because  of the information it contained. then the rest were created from downloading the pictures.  I double checked the newspapers online to make sure I didn't overlook any articles. I may at some point revisit my disc and see what  and if I can find better images.  I have the disc's up to 1935 so that is as far as the books will go.  I haven't looked to see what the paper has for images after that.   All  books have full indexes.   To purchase any book contact me at:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com

Vital Records Books

    These books contain Vital records taken from old Town Reports which were published  yearly for some towns.  The reports listed all town information and also all  births, marriages and deaths that occurred in the town the year the report was completed for.   People living in the towns between 1900 and 1945 had access to the yearly reports, then they were discontinued.  Luckily some towns kept them in storage either at a library or  in their town hall. 

   These old reports have become a great source of early vital records information and now we all have access.

Award winning Books

  When I first started writing books, they were all typed in Word, from pictures of the articles I had taken of old newspapers. I collected the pictures while doing research on my own family,  

    When the first book was completed I entered  the book into a contest sponsored by the Connecticut Genealogy Society.  Surprise, I won first prize for my book "The Loyal Sunrise" 1863-1865, 1877 "The Fort Fairfield Aurora" 1875 - 1876 "the Presque Isle Sunrise" 1876 - 1877.  At their Awards banquet, along with a very nice plaque I was given, a check, which I used to purchase the program I still use today to create  cemetery books, and different types of  genealogy books.


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