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The Families of Saint John Valley in 1790

This book was compiled and edited by Brenda Jackson Bourgoine, Ann M. Cushman, Dennis J. Prue and Allen J. Voisine, all members of ACGS. (Aroostook County Genealogical Society).  The book contains 240 pages with 68 chapters, one for each of the original settlers of "the Valley". 

  The 1790 United States Census did not include these families or this region when they were compiled.

   The book took 5 years of research  and the researchers were able to find and identify 68 existing families in the Madawaska region.  The British had moved the families out of Nova Scotia in LeGrand Derangement in 1755.  They traced each family for three generations and provide a path to prior generations going back to Acadia, Quebec and beyond.  You will also see such names as Cormier, Hebert, Cyr, Daigle, Theriault and Thibodeau and French Canadian names representing  families who came from Quebec, such as Saucier, Roy, Gagne, Albert Levasseur and Bourgoin.  These settlers from  Quebec  came to the valley in the 1800's.

  Each chapter includes head of household, his spouse or spouses, parents of each, their children and their spouses. Also included, the head of household's occupation, application of crown land grants, and acreage they received.  All the sources have been included with a full name index making finding persons easy.  With the book being in the 1790 time-frame, maybe you can connect back to someone in the book,  you may not know how your line is connected, but believe me if you contact  ACGS, any of the four researchers can help you make the connection if it is there.

  The price of the book in US funds is $34 plus $8.00 S/H or shipped to Canada-US funds $34, plus $23.95 S/H.

   You may also purchase the book through ACGS website:     www.ac-gs.org 

Aroostook County Towns that sent Men to the Civil War


Civil War Book

This book was created as a project for the 2015 Northern Maine Fair Booth sponsored by ACGS.  It was put together in a short time frame but it turned out quite accurate.   It started with figuring that about 3 to 4 hundred men went to the CIvil War from Aroostook County.  No one thought that in 1861 there could be that many men willing  to go to war from the County.  The numbers turned out quite differently we found  2280 men that enlisted, using Ancestry files, the Civil War Sites online and The Whitneck books in the Caribou library.   Each enlistee's military records were then typed by towns and that is where it gets a little confusing.   We found men from other towns even across the border and downstate towns listed as belonging to towns in Aroostook County.   We ended with 67 towns, and included Patten, in Penobscott County men.   We also included the 94 men enlisted from New Brunswick, Canada.  Then we weeded out the men that didn't have a connection to  County Towns and the total list was down to 2173 men, plus 74 Canadian's, up from the 1564 that originally signed-up  from Aroostook Towns. 

    ACGS members divided the towns  and researched to see where these men were in the 1850 and 1860 census before    the war started in 1861.  We also followed the men that returned from the war to see where they were in 1870, 1880 and who was listed on the 1890 Veterans Schedule, to find who had died after returning home.  Some men we found lots of information on and others seemed to disappear after joining the war.  We knew a lot of men didn't return after the war but proof was hard to find. 

  The book is 463 pages with 24 pages of Index. The price of the book is $53.00 including tax and $13.45 for Priority  shipping or $8.00 for padded envelope shipping.   To purchase contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com or ACGS at www.ac-gs.org

Aroostook County Civil War Pictures

This book was created with all  the pictures online of the County Men, found  while searching for information. Found were 15 men's pictures, three pictures of groups of men, flags, dedication stones created for families  who had more than one person lost to the war, also substitute papers that had been filed, discharge papers, and even pension papers.  Also found 96 cemetery stones for those soldiers that came back and died after the war and some memorial stones.   The index at the end will identify what was found for whom  and a page number.  The price of the book is  $10.00 plus S/H.  

Civil War Bundle

Both books may be purchased for $55 plus S/H, saving you money on shipping and handling.  To purchase contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com or ACGS at www.ad-gs.org

1850-1880 Aroostook Cty Census and Mortality Schedule

  Compiled by ACGS member  Allen J. Vloisine, and downloaded to CD.  Each individual census has a complete index with standard and variant spellings of all known French and Acadian last names used in a  particular census along with a complete explanation of how to read the census document included in the preface of the document.  The disc may be purchased through ACGS site  or this site.

  Price of the disc is US Funds $55 which includes tax, S/h.  Canadian funds  for the disc are $60 which also includes S/H.  If you want to purchase through mail, send check or money order to:

  Aroostook County Genealogical Society, Census Order, P.O. Box 142, Caribou, ME 04736.

ACGS Obituary Notebooks


Aroostook Rep Obituaries 1959-1972

ACGS was given 30 years of newspapers from 1960 to present day and these newly created books are a digital copy of the original hard cover notebooks that are stored in the Genealogy Room at the Caribou Library.  After the notebooks were created digital scans were taken of each book and these books are the result of those clippings.  This book covers obituaries and articles from 1959 to 1972  made up of  three column pages with name and birth/death dates at top of each article.  Book contains 891 entries,  plus 11 page index totaling 323 pages.  This book is offered  for $70 plus S/H.

To purchase any book on this page contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com

Obituaries and Articles 1973-1976

This is the the 2nd book created from ACGS  Aroostook Republican Notebooks, for the years 1973 to 1976.  The columns are set up by three to a page, at top listing of  name, birth and death dates.  The book is 244 pages, eight in the index containing about 690 persons.  

   The price of the book is $60 plus S/H.

Obituaries and Articles 1977-1880

This is the 3rd book created from ACGS Aroostook Republican Notebook Collection.  It has birthdays, family reunions and High School reunion pictures, along with 658 obituaries.  The book is 204 pages 8 of which are the index. 

  The price of the book is $60 plus S/H.

Obituaries and Articles 1981 - 1984

The 4th book was scanned from the original ACGS - Aroostook Republican Notebook collection.  This book is all obituaries and one Erickson family reunion held in August of 1984.  Book contains 855 names  and is 308 pages, 10 of which are index.  

  The book is $60 plus S/H.

Obituaries and Articles 1985 to 1987

This is the 5th book in the ACGS - Aroostook Republican  Notebook Series scanned and compiled into book format.  It contains 3 columns per page and includes mostly obituaries, with 13 class reunion pictures, a WWII article, at least 3 family reunions, one wedding and the 75th year celebration of the Caribou Library.  Each obituary has name and birth and death date of person at top of column.

  The book is 282 pages including 10 page index at end.  The price of the book is $60 plus S/H.