Caribou Cemeteries


Holy Rosary Cemetery (Old)

The "Old" Holy Rosary cemetery occupies the land where the original  Holy Rosary Church was located, I think it burned down, not sure, but the new church is located across  the Access Highway.  A new cemetery is located across town, but persons are still buried in family plots in this cemetery, today.

  After checking, with the church I could find no plot maps so I created my own.  I divided the cemetery into 5 sections.   I found a lot of little drive-ways through the cemetery, I used some of these for my section dividers.  You can access the cemetery from two streets, Lower Lyndon Street on west side and Lower Washington Street from east side.  Section 4 and 6 run along Access Highway and Section 2 is at the far end going towards the Aroostook River.

  The book contains 305 pages of stones plus 13 pages for the index.   I created a separate book  for obituaries.  There is a lot of open space in some sections so there were probably more persons buried here with or without stones.  The index contains over 1800 names.

  The book is priced at $75.00 plus S/H. To Purchase contact me at :

The Holy Rosary Obituary Book  contains 384 obituaries for persons in the Old Holy Rosary Cemetery.  Above each obituary is the person's name and page number of the stones location in the Cemetery book, also  the birth and death date of  the person for whom the obituary is shown.  The price for the Holy Rosary Obituary Book is $40. plus S/H or you may purchase both books as a Bundle for $105 plus S/H.


Sacred Heart Cemetery

The Sacred Heart Cemetery is located on the North side of Caribou, ME, next to the church.  When first walking the cemetery  I ran into a problem,  some of the stones have inscriptions in French, which I do not read or write, so I asked for help from my French speaking friend, Allen Voisine.  The other thing I found strange was how the  female names were presented on stones.  The husband's name was listed at the top of some stones then the wife was listed by her maiden name.   I found that very strange but very helpful as you always have a hard time finding the females' maiden name so at least that was a plus for the cemetery.

     There were 772 stones and quite a bit of space for more stones but no list of persons who might be buried there.   I was given access to a plot plan map but had to make a few adjustments  to the row lines in each section because of how the stones were placed.  The section maps contain numbered plots with surnames for person listed on the stone.  No histories are in the book due to the number of stones.  The book is almost 300 pages including the index,  so a separate book was created that contains the obituaries that were found.  The book price is $75 plus S/H, contact me at:

The Sacred Heart Obituary Book contains 235 person's obituaries and is 136 pages.  The price is $40  plus S/H or you may purchase the two books as a bundle for $105 plus S/H.

Grimes Cemetery

This is the last cemetery in Caribou I will complete, I actually completed this cemetery twice, the first time  in 2016 and then a redo in March of 2017.  This cemetery started as Kelley Cemetery, then was known  as Grimes Mills Cemetery and is now known as Grimes Cemetery.  I created a plot map according to who has a stone and where it is located in the cemetery. The cemetery looks like a backwards L,  I labeled  the long part as Section 1, A, B, C and the short part as Section 2.  There is a lot of open land in the center of Section 1, so I know a lot of people were buried here originally    I had originally visited the cemetery when first moving to Aroostook County in 2001, looking for my relatives, upon finding them I didn't returned for quite a while.  The cemetery is located on the right side of Grimes Road, upon turning into the entrance way follow a dirt road for awhile then bear right and the cemetery is on the right hand side of the road.

   No plot map exists for the cemetery and there were a lot of records but none that gave a clear account of who had been buried in the cemetery from the beginning but had no stone to mark the spot.

   I created a plot map containing a number and surname for those in the plot, usually one family.  After the identification of persons on any stone you will find what history I found.  As it is a small cemetery any obituaries found are listed after the stone section with the Index at the end   Finishing the cemetery in late 2016, when the snow came I couldn't do a final walk through until spring. 

    I made an inquiry at the town hall and was shown two shoe-box files for persons that were given permission to be buried in the cemetery.  Upon comparing all the names to my index I found 160 persons that should have been in the cemetery but had no stones.  I re-did the book, which now includes several pages for these persons with no stones or location.  Some persons I added to plots with similar surnames, just in case,  then redid the index to include the new 160  names.  Hope this helps any family that thought they had relatives  in this cemetery but never found a stone.

   The price of the book is $50.00 plus S/H contact me at:

Greenridge Cemetery

The Greenridge Cemetery is located on the town line between Caribou and Fort Fairfield.  I worked this cemetery with help from Gilbert Hitchcock, one of my fellow Aroostook County Genealogy Society members.  He had maps that he let me use and helped with some of the persons in the cemetery as far as history.  

   There were some unique Zinc stones in the cemetery, that Gilbert explained  were used by bootleggers for hiding "the goods"  when being chased. 

    I added history for persons listed on the stones and found quite a collection of obituaries for the cemetery, which are added  after the stone section.  A four page index is at the end.  The price of the book is $50.00 plus S/H, contact me at: