Washburn, Castle Hill, Johnson Cemetery


Riverside, Washburn, ME

Washburn, ME has two Riverside Cemeteries, this book is on the first and oldest Riverside Cemetery.  When I asked the Town Hall what they had for records for this large cemetery they showed me a large map with nothing on it, no sections or plot numbers or divisions.  So that let me create my own plot maps for the whole cemetery. The plot map is so large its on two fold out pages.  I created the cemetery into 7 sections, with the plots running left to right and each starting with number 1 going to whatever number each ended with.     The book is 314 pages, all the pictures first by location and section 97 pages, one page of persons found on an old boy scout list who had no stones.  Also included is a history for persons by section and number,  97 pages, obituaries,17 pages and the index  is 14 pages.

  The Book was completed September of 2016 and the price is $50 plus S/H, to order this book or any book on this page contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com

Castle Hill Cemetery, Castle Hill, ME

This cemetery was spotted after leaving Washburn going towards Presque Isle, Me after shooting pictures for Riverside Cemetery.  While walking the cemetery, I talked to the care taker while he was mowing the lawn.  I told him what I do and he said the cemetery was already in Find-A -Grave but I know they don't always have accurate information for all the cemeteries, so I checked out some of the stones I took pictures of and low and behold they were not on the site.

  I went back and created a map with 4 sections, 1, 1A, 2 and 3.   Looked like the oldest stones were in Section 1 and the newest at the back of this section so it became 1A.  Took pictures of all the stones and typed what was on each.  Looked up information on the occupants of the stones, but the stones were already put on pages and the history could not be added.  A separate section was created for the histories, then the index with location of stones and history page listed.  The book is 169 pages.

  The price of the book is $50 plus S/H, to purchase this book or any other book on this page contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com

Johnson Cemetery

Johnson Cemetery is located in Woodland just outside Caribou, on the corner of Rte 161 and Sealander Rd.   The cemetery only contains 12 stones and 2 Plot Marker stones with single names.  I had driven by the cemetery many times on my travels north visiting friends in "The Valley".  

    I decided it was time to investigate.  Being so small, it was only three visits to get some really good pictures.  Once you have them in book format its time to do research. The cemetery being so small I found a lot more information and  found most of the people were related.  I added an extra plot map showing the relationships I found.

     After the stones and listings I added the history and some names went 2 pages.  I found several passenger lists and those are included,   After the pictures I found one old birth record 1871, 8 death records and 3 marriage records which are included.  Any census information is listed in the history and also a picture of the census page mentioned is included, so 18 forms in all.  The index is a page and a half telling where everything is located for each person.  The book is only 56 pages but has an awful lot of information for such a small cemetery. 

   The price of the book is $40 plus S/H, to purchase this book contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com.

Perham and Westmanland Cemeteries


Fairview Cemetery, Perham, ME

The Fairview Cemetery is in Perham, Me, on a hill overlooking the valley below, where on a clear day you can see as far as Mt. Katadhin.  Using an old plot map that wasn't any help at all,  I created a new one.  Being on the side of a hill it took many trips up and down to get all the stones in order to create straight rows. To  the old map I added  three rows for the new stones placed in the cemetery since the first was created

  While in the cemetery taking pictures a lady came up to me and my husband, who accompanied me, saying if I was looking to find Mr Smith he wasn't in the plot where his stone was he was in a different plot pointing to a row across the driveway, so not everyone seems to be where they are shown to be. This book shows the stones, their location and hopefully where their last resting place is, can't prove it one way or another, that much investigating I don't do. 

   After the picture,  the listing of the stones occupants I noted the page where the obituary was located, also listed is any census information found.  

     The book is 229 pages, 158 of stones with history, 58 pages of obituaries, and a ten page index.  The price of the book is $65 plus S/H., to purchase this book or any of the oher Perham books contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com 

Perham Census 1870 to 1930 plus Vital & Cemetery Records

This book is a smaller version of the Fairview Cemetery book without any pictures and all census for the town of Perham, ME, in alphabetical order  by year   If a person is in the census and in Fairview cemetery all vital information found on that person is listed after the census,  where they are located in Fairview and all that is listed on the stone.  The book is priced at $30 plus S/H, to purchase this book contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com.

Perham and Mapleton, ME, Vital Records 1847 - 1892

The book was created from an LDS film which I transcribed it happened to have Perham and Mapleton records as one.  I was using the disc to find actual full dates for stones in Fairview cemetery.  The film only contained a year for birth and death records and some of these stones were old so the information found was helpful to me at the time.  The book is 62 pages of information with a 10 page index at the end. 

  The book is priced at $30 plus S/H, to purchase this book contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com

Westmanland, ME

This book was compiled different from most of my cemetery books, it contains census first, typed from 1900 to 1930 which was all I could find in 2009.  After each name in alphabetical order whatever was found on each person, a location in the cemetery if they were in the Westmanland Cemetery, then any other vital information found for that person.  If parent and children were found in 1900 census and children married they are all included as one,   under parents information.  

  The census part of the book goes  to page 11, them Cemetery pages with pictures of the stones and their listing, runs to page 37, obituaries go to page 43 ending with 5 pages of index.  The book is 48 pages.  

   The price of the book is $40 plus S/H, to purchase this book contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com.