Easton and Westfield Cemeteries


Mt. Shiloh Cemetery

Mt. Shiloh Cemetery in located on Rte 1 A,  between Easton and Mars Hill, ME.  The left hand entrance is off the main road, you go up-hill, at the top you turn right then going downhill, back to flat on the right hand side going out onto the main road. 

  On paper the cemetery look like a hanging horseshoe, with plots in the center and on both side of driveway.   Most of the stones were in good condition.  

  Below each stone's picture, you have a listing of what is on the stone, and then a history for persons named are provided.  The index is at the end of  the book.  

   The book is 87 pages and the price is $45.00 plus S/H, to purchase contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com 

Estes Park Cemetery

Estes Park Cemetery is located close to Easton Center. The cemetery has a lot of Civil War Veterans in it, and some of the town oldest citizens. The cemetery is quite large and has several sections, the oldest stone are located to the far left side, which goes back then up a grade to the right, around a house than down the other side.  The newer section is to the back of the right side, is does not appear in this book.  

    Over 800 pictures were taken because the cemetery has a lot of four sided stones and information appears on all four sides of most stones.  Also most of the upright stones had information on the front and back sides.

   As far as plot plans, the cemetery is divided into 5 sections, the maps have mostly numbers but some contain letters. 

   After the stone picture and what is listed on it, there is a history for all persons when found.  The  index  is located at end of book.  

  The price of the book is $60 plus S/H, to purchase contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com

Pine Tree Cemetery

The Pine Tree Cemetery is located on Route 1 A between Easton's blinking light and Fort Fairfield.  This is a small cemetery with about 80 plots, not all containing stones.   After the stone's picture, what is written on the stone is listed, then there is a history for the person on the stone. 

  The oldest birth date on a stone, was in Plot 68,  Bathsheba Bolster, born March 1779,  she died Jan 1853,  but I was not able to see what was listed on the backside of this 4-sided stone as it was located in the middle of a vary large wild Rose Bush.  Every time I pass the cemetery I look to see if the rose bush is still there.   An all name index is located at the back of the book.  

  The price of this book is $30.00 plus S/.H, to purchase contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com 

Glenwood Park & Ladner Cemetery

Two seperate cemeteries in one book.

Glenwood Park Cemetery is located on the Presque Isle and Easton town line and is claimed by neither town.  The cemetery is taken care of by a private person.  The cemetery contains 27 stones and at least one plot contains a Civil War Veteran, the the cemetery should be taken  care of by one of the towns.  Only one obituary was  found for this cemetery and a history is written after each stone.

  The Ladner Cemetery is in Easton and contains only 14 stones.  The cemetery is well taken care of .  I found 6 obituaries and a history is written after each stone.

The book is 47 pages and including the index.  The price of the book is $35 plus S/H, to purchase contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com

Easton Bundle saves money

If you are looking for someone who is buried in Easton and you don't know which cemetery, you may purchase all 5 cemeteries in the four books as a Bundle for $160 plus S/H, to purchase contact:   lzapatka2140@hotmail.com

Marshall Cemetery, Westfield, ME

Marshall Cemetery is located between Mars Hill  and Presque Isle, Me. on Rte 1.  I completed this cemetery after a request by one of the ACGS members looking for a relative he couldn't locate.  I started by calling the town hall for any information they had, they replied that it was a private cemetery and they had all the information they needed on the cemetery.  To my knowledge every cemetery unless on private unreachable land is open to the public so I proceeded to do my work.  

  The cemetery is divided into 7 sections divided by roadways into and out of the cemetery. The book includes pictures of the stones and history for each occupant, with 31 pages of obituaries and 8 pages of index.   The book is 238 pages and the price is $60. plus S/H, to purchase contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com

Blaine Cemeteries


Sanborn Cemetery

The Sanborn Cemetery is located on Old Houghton Road, it's not a large cemetery.  It has four separate sections and is on a rise going uphill towards the  back of the cemetery.  The book is 94 pages which includes stone pictures, 31 pages of history on those occupants in the cemetery, 16  pages of obituaries and one old death record.  Included are plot plans for each section  and a full name index at the end.

  The price of the book is $50 plus S/H, to purchase contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com

East Blaine Cemetery

The East Blaine Cemetery is located on Pierce Road, close to Mars Hill Mountain.  The cemetery is shaped like a horse-shoe with a larger left side.  The cemetery was walked, starting on the right side going  to the back, then the center  and  ending with  the left side always walking front to back.  I had trouble when imaging the stones  I kept picking up a blue color on some, still haven't figured out why. 

   The cemetery has 231 stones of which 36 are Military, which is a large number for such a small cemetery.  The book includes plot plans for each section, and a map showing placement of all stones. Also 35 pages of history for occupants and 43 obituaries were found.  The index is at the end.  

  The price of the book is $50.00 plus S/H, to purchase contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com

Tapley Cemetery

I was given a plot map by the town Manager Chappy Clark when I first decided to do Blaine's Cemeteries. This is the most prominent cemetery being located on Rte 1 as you are entering the town of  Blaine.  The original plot map appears in the beginning next to the hand drawn map I created with up-dated information.

   After the pictures and listings on each stone, is the history of the occupants  starting on page 171, then 43 pages of obituaries and lastly the index.  

    The price of this book is $65 plus S/H, to purchase contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com

Births, Marriages, Death, 1900-1945, Blaine ME

I was so impressed with Blaine's Town Manager, Chappy Clark, he was helpful with all three cemeteries beside being a really nice guy. I learned he didn't have any early vital records for Blaine  going  back to 1900's. 

   Some towns had published what they called Town Reports including yearly town information on everything that occurred, they also had all vital records for the year.   Usually they were saved in the town library or town office but Blaine didn't have any of the early books.  After some research,  I located a copy in Augusta, at the State Library.  I went downstate and was able to scan all the births, deaths and marriages that Chappy was missing.  I typed them  from 1900 to 1945 using my book format and Chappy now has a copy in the town office. 

   The price of the book is $30.00 plus S/H, to purchase contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail.com