Fort Fairfield, ME - Census Typed and Newspaper Books

About Fort Fairfield Review Books

   These books were created from information I had found in 2003 but never put to good use.  I was given permission by the Head Librarian  at Fort Fairfield to look through the old newspapers that are stored in their Archives Room. Being under lock and key now because people abused them not just looking through them but  cutting out what they wanted for their records, leaving others just the microfilm version.     The following books are the result of the pictures I saved.  They are all set up in the same three column format except for year 1902 so I just listed the books the same way only telling columns and how many people are in each book to save space. I hope to add the missing 1910 to 1912 book soon to finish the series. 

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FF Review Jan 1902-1906, FF Review 1907-1909, FF Review 1910 - 1912, FF REview 1913-1914 (Four seperate Books)

     This  book  is 1902 to 1906.  It contains the year 1902 which is typed and in two columns, and the only one that is set-up this way, the other years are all original copies out of the papers.  This five year book is set up the way the rest are to be completed with three columns with persons or couples names at top with date they are in the paper and then the article.  Because years 1902, to 1906 contained so few people the books are smaller  so it was more efficient to have more years.  The price is $60.00 plus S/H.

   The 1907 to 1909 book same format using original images when available.  Each book is set up with three columns per page, at the top  is the name or title of the column and the date when it was published.  The index has 1757 names, in the  217 pages.  The price of the book is $60 plus S/H.

    The 1910 to 1912 Book is the same format using original images when available.  Each book is set up with three columns per page, at the top is the name or title of what column contains then the date it was published in the paper. The index  contains 2264 persons , the book is 116 pages plus index.. The price of thd book is $60 plus S/H. 

        The book 1913 to 1914 to is set up the same way in three columns with original marriage articles, obituaries and funerals and the newspaper column containing births, deaths, and marriages which just lists names and dates of persons included.   The index contains 1840 people  and the book is 194 pages.  The price of the book is $60.00 plus s/h.

Fort Fairfield Review 1915 -1916, 1917-1918, 1919-1920 up to 1929

The book   Jan 1915 to Dec 1916, same format contains three columns with name at the top and the date it appeared in the newspaper.  

   The book is 156 pages plus 18 pages for the index, which includes a total of 1793 persons in index.  The price of the book is $60 plus S/H.

Book 1917 - 1918 is set in the same format, containing 1336 people in 174 pages,  The price of the book $60 plus S/H.

Book 1919 - 1920 is set in same format and contains 2035 people in the index and is 186 pages.  The book is $60 plus S/H.

The book  1921 is just a single year because it was created after the others were finished so it ended up single year. Contains 1172 name and is only 113 pages.  The price of the book is $50 plus S/H.

FF Review Book 1922 - 1923,  has three column format and contains 2930 people and is 259 pages.  The price of the book is $60 plus S/H.

FF Review 1924 to 1925 contains the three column format.  The book has 2930 people listed and the price of the book is $60 plus s/h.

FF Review 1926-1927 is in the three column format and contains 3642 people in the index.  The book is 275 pages long and the price of the book is $60 plus s/h.

The Review 1928 to 1929 is in the three column format.  The book contains 3634 people in the index and the price of the book is $60 plus s/h.

The FF Review 1930 is setup in three column format.  The book contains  2146 persons, for one year, in the index.  The book is 116 pages plus index  and the price of the book is $60 plus s/h.

Fort Fairfield Newspapers Typed


Loyal Sunrise, Fort Fairfield Aurora, Presque Isle Sunrise

   You can see by the titles a lot of these old newspapers were competing with each other but they didn't last very long.   The old newspapers contained birth records, marriage articles and death notices, and even some old obituaries, which did not contain the information a good genealogist would be looking for but it was what they produced between 1863 and 1877, so you have to go with what you find.  This is a way of saving what was published back in that time.  

  Each book page contains three columns, first date of article, what it was about then what was in the article be it one line or a whole paragraph. They are in order by date, with all the information  typed from the original paper. The book is 48 pages long then 9 pages of index.  

    I found the old papers very interesting when typing the information as to what they thought was valuable in that time frame to be published. 

  Just a note, I entered this book in the Literary Contest in Conn Genealogy Society's book contest in 2003 and won first prize.

  The price of this book is $30 plus S/H.

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Northern Leader 1892,-1896, Beacon 1894-895

  This book contains information found in these newspapers the Leader in 1892, and 1894 to 1896, and the Beacon years were 1894 to 1895.  Not a very big time span but birth, death and marriages occurred in this time frame and were published in these newspapers.  Because the same time span 1894 to 1895 was recorded in two separate newspapers you may find duplication when looking under a single name, but its good because you may find information in one that was not in the other.  The Newspapers date is highlighted in color at the top of the page so check out both papers.  

   The book is 81 pages  then 10 pages for the index totaling 91 pages.  The price of the book is $30 plus S/H..

Aroostook Republican & Northern Leader

  Two newspapers one the Aroostook Republican and News for 1891 and 1892 and the Northern Leader  for 1893.  The book contains births, marriages, deaths and obituaries from these three years.  As no paper was found for Aroostock Republican in  1893 I was able to fined the Northern Leader  printed in Caribou, ME, while the Republican was printed in Fort Fairfield, ME. 

    After going through the Republican then switching to the  Northern Leader  both papers were setup in different format 

  The book is set up by year and date for both.  In 1893, C. H. Ellis  was putting his own book together "HIstory of Fort Fairfield" and some of what he was putting together became articles in the paper.  I read them but they didn't contain  information for genealogists, which is why the newspapers were gleaned in the first place. 

  The book is being offered for $30 plus S/H.

Aroostrook Republican and News - 1887 to 1890

The Aroostook Republican contained a lot of information for these two years.  Like the other books completed, all  birth, marriage and death information compiled in these two years was taken out and put into this book. 

    In 1887 only half year of information was found but some is better than none.    The other three years are full years and a lot of information was found.  There is a full index at the back of the book.

   This book is priced for $30 plus S/H.    

Citizens of Fort Fairfield, 1850 to 1904 & 1910 to 1930


Citizens of FF 1850 to 1904

  This book was created from a file cabinet full of information on Fort Fairfield, ME compiled while working on 10 cemetery books.   

   The book is in alphabetical order by name, then all the information found by year for the family.  Besides census, other information included, cemetery location, marriage information and anything else found on the person listed in the household.  The importance of including the 1904 Postal Census is, it contains the wife's maiden name.  

    No index is included.  This book is 306 pages and  is priced at  $50 plus S/H.  To purchase this book or the FF1920 to 1930 book below contact:

Citizens of FF 1910 to 1930

This is the 2nd half of the census information collected on Fort's citizens,  in alphabetical order by surname.  The information found in the census, is up to 1930 because 1940 was not released when the book was completed.   All information found on each family includes when they first appeared in the area, marriages, deaths and cemetery location.   No index included.  Price for the book is $50.00 plus S/H.

Bundle - FF Census Books

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