Fort Fairfield Cemeteries


St. Denis Catholic Cemetery Book and new Obituary book

St. Denis Catholic Cemetery is located just across the river from Downtown Fort Fairfield.  The cemetery has over 1300 stones in 468 plots, 216 in the old section far left hand side, and 252 in the new section far right hand side. 

   Only stones with information are shown, not stones that contain only surnames, mother or father.  Plot maps are included for each section.  Under stone pictures, the surname is highlighted, then a listing of what is on each stone, plus census information found on occupants.  The book contains  220 pages.  

 The index is 15 pages

   The book is 236 pages and the price is $75 plus S/H to purchase contact:  

St Denis Obituary book

      After doing cemetery book and then adding obituaries to the smaller cemeteries I took another look at this cemetery which had 106 pages of obituaries  of which some were not very readable, so I took them out and created a 2nd book of only obituaries for this cemetery.  This book is 284 pages with the index being another 10 pages, but they are very readable which is what you want when doing research.

     The book is 294 pages and the price is $40 plus s/h  to purchase contact:

       Or you may purchase them together as a Bundle which saves on S/H and cost for  $105 plus S/h contact:

Riverside Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery is the largest of Fort Fairfield's cemeteries.  The plot map totals 1135 and the index contains over 8500 names on stones. This was the first cemetery book I attempted not realizing its size when I started, it was where most of my ancestors were buried. 

  The book took two years of research and many trips to the cemetery trying to list people correctly in plots.  The book is over 362 pages with not a lot of pictures.  The index is 34 pages.  The cost of the book is $75.00 and S/H  to purchase contact :

First St. Denis, Walton and Lovely Cemetery

This Book contains three small separate cemeteries. 

     OLD ST. DENIS  is located on Rte 161 on Fort Road between Caribou and Ft. Fairfield, Me.  The original St. Denis Church was built on this land before it was moved into town.  The cemetery contains the earliest Catholic persons who died in the area.  History says the area was settled in 1816, the first child born was Edward Dorsey, who is buried int this cemetery, his stone says he was 38 when he died, and that he was a child of John Dorsey also buried in this cemetery.

    I found a lot of people buried in the cemetery are related one way or another.  A short history is listed for each person  on the stones.

     The WALTON Cemetery is located just west of Old St. Denis and consists of 9 stones.  A brief history is listed after each person on a stone.

      The LOVELY Cemetery is located on private property so it's location is not advertised.   The cemetery has only 5 stones, and again a short history is listed after each name.

   The price of the book is $45.00 plus S/H, to purchase contact:

Haines - Maple Grove Cemetery

The Cemetery originally contained graves for persons with Mayflower heritage. 

    One of the stones in the cemetery was donated by Capt. Caleb Holt Ellis and his wife Lottie Howard Ellis, who can  both be traced to the Mayflower, also their children are listed on the same stone. 

    I have included an old stone listing, completed in 1996, by Brenda and John Bourgoine.  Some 39 stones on that list are now missing.  The cemetery is now in poor condition  with grass cut by a neighbor, and no trimming being done on  remaining stones. 

   The price of the book is $30 plus $6.45 S/H, to purchase contact:

Union Cemetery

The Union Cemetery is located on Route 1 heading from town to Easton and Mars Hill.  It's on the right side of the road at the very top of the first hill heading out of Fort Fairfield.  The location has a great view of the valley surrounding Fort Fairfield.  The cemetery has some very old stones and is in fairly good condition as far as stones are concerned.

    I divided the cemetery into 3 sections with 17 rows in each section.  Section 1 has 168 plots, Section 2 has 159 plots and Section 3 has 65 plots. Along with each stone's picture, a history is included on the occupants, and a small section containing obituaries.  The book contains a six page index.  

   The book is 138 pages priced at $50.00 plus S/H, to purchase contact:

Old Houghton, Knight and Johnston Cemetery

This is a second 3 cemetery book because these three are so small.  

  The Old Houghton Cemetery is located to the left of the St. Denis Catholic Cemetery with three enclosure fenced in sections.  Families in these enclosures include:  Higgins, Dorsey / Doran and Smith.  More families have plots but are not enclosed.  Each stones picture is followed by who and what is on the stone, a brief history and any obituary found for the person listed.  

  Knight Cemetery is located on Conant Rd off Rte 1 between Fort and Easton, Me.  The cemetery consists of a name sign, an American flag and one large upright KNIGHT stone with 8 names on the backside. A three page history for the family is included.

   Johnston Cemetery is located on Pleasant St., and contains only one stone dedicated to early settlers in the area.  This area used to contain many stones and was a fairly large cemetery. The cemetery was listed on a survey map in 1972 but all the stones have disappeared and now only the dedication stone is left.  At one time it was called Puddledock Cemetery but I  have found no lists of occupants for either cemetery.

  The book is 63 pages including an index page and is priced at $30.00 plus S/H, to purchase contact: