Mars Hill's Cemeteries


Kings Grove Cemetery

Kings Grove Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Mars Hill, located off Rte 1A   on Mars Hill Rd.  The cemetery is divided into twelve sections for the old stones and the thirteenth section for the new stones.  After the listing on the stones, I have found information and its listed in BLUE, all this information is in a separate book, this book being two large.  

   The book has 305 pages of stones and 23 pages of index.  The price of Kings Grove is $70.00 plus S/H.  To purchase  this book or  any cemetery book on this page contact:

Pierce Cemetery

Pierce Cemetery is located on left hand side of Rte 1A going from Mars Hill towards Easton, ME.  The cemetery has eleven sections going up a slight hill.   Section A and B are at the top of the hill by themselves. while all other sections go up hill.  The driveway is to the left side of  the cemetery, to the right of Section C going up the hill, then right, across Sections D, E, & F then  down the other side, Sections H, I and J are on flat land.  Sections A, B, are at the top of section C on mostly flat ground.      

   The book has 156 pages of stone pictures.  Not a lot of Obituaries were found they start on page 157 for 13  pages, history is 37 pages and the index is 9 plus pages.

   The price for this book is $60 plus S/H.

Snow Cemetery

Snow Cemetery  is the third cemetery in Mars Hill located on Miller Road, off Rte 1 as you go towards  Mars Hill Center.  When I first located the cemetery it was on a dirt road which has since been hard topped  because  the GPS systems show going on Miller Rd  as a short cut  to bypass Mars Hill center. 

   The cemetery contains only 30 stones, 5 of which are plot marker stones, only surnames appear on them and they are not shown in the book.  Because the cemetery has so few s tone, I spent a lot of time looking for history on the occupants and found a lot of information.   No obituaries were found so after the stones the index ends the book.

  The price of the book is $30.00 plus S/H.

Mars Hill Bundle No. 1

You may purchase the three cemetery books, Kings Grove, Pierce and Snow Cemetery as a Bundle for $150 plus S/H, to purchase this bundle contact :

Mars Hill Backup Books


Births, Marriages and Deaths

These are 3 separate books created from the Annual Reports published for Mars Hill from 1872 to 1945.  They are typed by date with index at the end of each.    The Birth Book contains 174 pages, the Marriage Book contains 106 pages and the Death book contains 78 Pages.

   Each book is priced $30 plus S/H, to purchase any book contact: 

HIstory of Occupant, Kings Grove Cemetery

  This book holds all the history found on the occupants of Kings Grove Cemetery.  It is typed in alphabetical order by name with the Surname of each person typed in Capital letters. The book has no index and is 205 pages.  

   The price of the book is $40 plus S/H.

Obituaries for Kings Grove Cemetery

This book contains all the obituaries found for Kings Grove occupants.  The book is alphabetical so no index is included and is 71 pages.

   The price of the book is $30 plus S/H.

Registered Familes from Mars Hill Vital Records

The Vital Records book contains the old vitals records for Mars Hill  written by Town Clerk,  Sewall H. Pierce in 1867 and 1868, with birth records for residents dating back to 1786.   The records are listed alphabetically by family, listing parents, their birth dates and where they were born, then the children with birth dates and place born. The book is 50 pages and is priced at $30 plus S/H.

Mars Hill Census 1850 to 1930

After doing the history for all the families I combined what I found in census information put it in order then looked up what was missing and typed it in book format each year separate,  in alphabetical order with the household number location in a separate column, to make location in the original census easier.

  The price of the book is $50 plus S/H.

Mars Hill Backup Bundle

Offering a bundle price for the Birth, Marriage, Death, History, Obituary, Vital Records for Registered Families and Census 1850-1930 books for price of  $200 plus S/H.  To purchase the bundle book or any of these backup books contact:  lzapatka2140@hotmail for sales slip or copy of sell sheet.