Johnson / Maysville Cemetery, Presque Isle, Me

Johnson Cemetery

This was originally Maysville Cemetery and was renamed Johnson Cemetery  when the land became part of Presque Isle, Me.   The original map showed Maysville section at the very back of the cemetery.  The cemetery goes up the side of a small hill  and had three driveways.  I entered on the far left hand side went to the back around the corner to the right and into the second driveway.  After two rows of stones another driveway goes to the left  or you can continue down to the main road.  If you go left you cross through the Maysville section to the last cemetery road turn right and it will also take you to the main road.

  You have according to my hand drawn map two Maysville rows going from end down  8 plots where Johnson plots begins.   You also have two rows  beyond the driveway across to the 3rd driveway and six rows and two extra plots in the seventh row with Maysville plots.  

  The Johnson part of the cemetery starts at the Flag and this side from the middle road to the 3rd road , goes left to right with Row 1 going down to the main road ending with Row 19, the last plot numbered 119.  Then you go back up to the end start left to right with Row 20, going across to the Maysville plots, down to Row 30 where there is space for a couple more rows, but area has no markers then continues with Row 31 down to the front where the sign is ending with Row 46 and Plot 214.  

   At this point in the book I have added about 30 pages of obituaries for persons in the cemetery.  Next you will find 3 and a quarter pages of names that are on lists for the cemetery's occupants  but that I could find no stone for, as there is a lot of open space in the cemetery they could have graves but I just didn't find any stones for them.

  The book is 269 pages of which the index is 9 pages.  The price of the book is $60.00 plus s/h. 

CT. Cemetery Plus Misc Books


Old Burying Ground 1752 - 1889, Plymouth, Conn.

   This book was created in Connecticut for someone working on a very old cemetery.  

      My name was brought up and what I do created an interest in my work.  I was contacted and agreed to look over the cemetery.  My husband and I took a ride to locate the cemetery and see what was there.  I found the cemetery was not really large and the stones needed a great deal of clean up but I was hooked.  I met with Judy Giguere the following weekend and we talked and I agreed to see what I could do.  

   The cemetery was set-up into pretty straight rows.  Judy gave me a copy of the Hale's listing, typed in 1934,  for this old cemetery and I started my work.  I took pictures of all the stones, finding some in good shape and others not so good shape.  I was able to create a plot map and divided the cemetery into 7 sections. 

  As I went through the stones and how they were set, I went over Hale's listing and found it had been created by rows.  The stones that remained lined up, to how the rows were set in the original listing from 1934.  Whole rows were missing and the remaining rows had  space for missing stones, but it was pretty accurate, and I was able to see how it was originally created.   Upon walking around the cemetery I found partial stones at the sides and in back by the stone wall surrounding the cemetery. 

   This book is what I found and how everything was currently in the cemetery.  From the stone pictures that weren't helpful at times in identifying who was listed on the stones, enough was left to match what was on the list and identify persons.  

   The clean-up project is on-going, with the book being completed in April 2012, I returned to the Cemetery Sept of 2015 and found some disturbing results of the  clean up project.  Some stones had been resurfaced, not to my liking but that wasn't my call, they were more readable then in 2011.   What I didn't like was that some stones had been moved from their original location and set in other places. The book will not give correct locations for the remaining stones.  If you are looking to find stones as listed on my plot maps they may no longer be there.  

    The price for this book is $45 plus S/H.

To purchase this book contact:

The County Times-Obits 1972-1973

The book is a digital copy of obituaries taken from the County Times Newspaper published Jan 1972 to May 1973. You can always find these obituaries in another newspaper I think, but I  have created  this collection of copies in Notebook format.  The originals are located in the ACGS Library.after creating the notebook I scanned the pages and created this book to be available to anyone looking for someone who died in the area in this time frame.   The book is 67 pages, including 2 plus pages of Index.  The price for the book is $40 plus S/H, to purchase this book contact:


Connor, ME Vitals 1921 - 1944

  This  book has been transcribed from Annual Town Reports for the Town of Connor, Me.  I typed the information and put it into book format.  These records are not found in very many libraries, or any Town Halls.  A copy of this book is now in the Caribou Town Clerks office as they now take care of Connor Town records.

   The books contains birth, marriage and death records typed by a town clerk at the time they were added to Connor's Annual Town Reports.  I wish I could locate these books for all the towns In Aroostook County, but they were not produced by every town in the early 1900's.

   This book covers the time from 1921 to 1944.  The book is 70 pages of which 8 are index.  You never know who you will find when looking for a birth, marriage or death in this time frame.

   The price of the book is $30 plus S/H, to purchase this book contact:  

Roxbury, CT, Genealogy Information

 I found 5 copies of this book, was the first book I created doing genealogy for my family.   The book is in Excel format with genealogy information on Roxbury Conn. from 1746 to 1943 and was compiled in 1998.  The information is spread sheet style covering two pages for each name going by families.  Has  information on families if in the 1850 census, where located in cemetery, if in the Barbour  books, lists parents, spouses last name, children, marriage date for parents, birth date of parents and children, and death dates included.  Also has full name index at back of book.  If interested contact me at  The price of the books is $30  plus s/h.

Genealogy Information for the Town of Woodbury, CT

This book was created and copyrighted after  doing research on the Town of Woodbury , CT  to find information on my Dad's family.  Our first descendant Henry Castle arrived and started Woodbury in 1635 and the family stayed in the area for four generations then some moved to Roxbury and then to other parts of CT.  I found a lot of information on Woodbury and decided to share it with others, so the book was created in 1999 and copyrighted.  Because I had accumulated  so many facts I stored them in excel on all the families so that was how I created the book.  I started with the 1850  Woodbury census, added William Cochren's  "History of Ancient Woodbury, CT" also the microfilm recoreds for Woodbury were aded, and the Hale Collection of Headstone inscriptions, film number H35-3374, and lastly the Barbour Collection of Vital Records for the town of Woodbury.  Found a lot of Castle's  in my research.  The book is 394 pages, but no index as it is in alphabetical order.    The book is $65 plus S/H.  Contact  me at lzapatka2140 if interested in a copy.

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